Sunday, March 15, 2015

"... a punk, trying to sew discord."

Our Attorney General called the person that tried to assassinate two police officers "a punk, trying to sew discord."

The description could apply to the Attorney General himself. The Justice Department's own report on the Brown shooting shows the narrative of events behind the Ferguson protests to have been false: Brown attacked the officer, was not surrendering but charging the police officer and that his body was left on the ground for four hours not because of racist indifference but because the protesters and thugs kept the detectives from doing their job. And yet, the President and the Administration withheld these facts and even encouraged the protesters through months of chaos culminating in the destruction, at the hands of these same protesters, of a large part of the town.

We have witnessed something like a legal assault on a city. The President meets with the ring-leader of the protests--Al Sharpton--in the White House who then goes out and whips up more protests based on claims that the Administration itself knows is false. It is an Alinsky-ite dream. And when, finally, the career officials' report comes out potentially exposing the whole scam, you put out a parallel 'report' claiming 'systemic' racism, meaning a grab-bag of policies that great and the good do not like and the consequences of which fall more heavily on black people.

Of course, what really falls more heavily on black people are the consequences of the Administration's and Al Sharpton's thuggery. The burned out neighborhoods produced by the 'protesters' (punks and thieves would be more appropriate) will be destroying lives long after the rabble-rousers of the community organizer White House have moved on. 

Monday, March 02, 2015

Its almost like they are unpatriotic or something

British human rights lawyers knowingly pursue false accusations of human rights abuses against their own countrymen. It is not so much that the accusations turned out to be untrue, what is telling is that the lawyers wanted them to be true. That is what is unpatriotic.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Untrue Truisms in the War on Terror | Works and Days

Untrue Truisms in the War on Terror | Works and Days: Why aren't the cartoons in the Congressional Record? If we are going to take a stand why doesn't the Federal Government take the lead?