Thursday, August 04, 2016

From Andrew McCarthy at National Review:

to topple Qaddafi on behalf of the Islamists, the Obama administration — which did not seek congressional authorization for its offensive war (and preposterously maintained that bombing another country’s government was not really “war” anyway) — had to flout a United Nations resolution. The U.N. had agreed only to military operations for the purpose of protecting civilians, not offensive operations against the regime. Besides arming jihadists, the administration took no meaningful steps to make sure that Qaddafi’s military arsenals did not fall into terrorist hands.

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This is one of the over looked drawbacks to the reliance on international law in international relations. It forces nations to be dishonest about what they are doing and so do it less well. Part of the reason that there was no plan for what came after Qaddafi was that to make a plan for what came after we over threw Qaddafi would have been to admit that we were over throwing Qaddafi. The Obama administration combines an insolent contempt for our domestic constitution and a slavish adherence to the forms of International institutions. The Libyans are still paying the cost.