Friday, July 07, 2017

Democrats Angered that Russian Meddling Exposes Democrat Meddling

So we are supposed to lecture the Russians about meddling in our elections, but that meddling was publicizing emails from Hillary's campaign that exposed the DNC's meddling in the primaries to sabotage Bernie Sanders and the media's (particularly CNN's) efforts to meddle in the Election Debates on behalf of Hillary. How dare your meddling expose our meddling! Imagine if the Russians were funneling money illegally to the Hillary campaign as the DNC was exposed doing in the DNC emails.

Trump is accused of going too easy on the Russians. He is being harder on them than Obama after the 'meddling' was exposed but before the election results were in. Before the election Obama dismissed it as amateurish hacking, afterwards, the same acts were an act of war?