Friday, July 03, 2009

Obama care

I went to the state drivers license bureau yesterday. In Mississippi even the most dreary bureaucratic tasks are rendered a bit more bearable by the innate politeness and good nature of Mississippi. Still, the process was frightfully inefficient. I saw two people stand in the information line for about 10 minutes only to be told that they were in the wrong line and should pick a number and start over again. They were told this very politely, this being Mississippi, but the underlying bureaucratic incompetence and indifference to practices which inconvenience their captive clientele was the same as it would be anywhere.

All this is just to say to those who say that we should have a government get directly into the business of supplying healthcare on the grounds that its efficiency will help hold down costs in the private sector:  where do the people on your planet go to get their driver's licenses?

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