Sunday, January 03, 2010

You can be too rational

Here is the NYT's story about the attempt on the life of Kurt Westergaard. Here is the cartoon that caused so much controversy 5 years ago.

The Times story has him hiding in his safe room with his 5 year old grand daughter, but this report from the UK Telegraph has him in the room with the granddaughter on the sofa in another room. It has a quote from Westergaard explaining why he left her out there so I assume this is the correct version, even though most of the reports have the granddaughter in the safe room with him. He may be right about it having been the best decision--he is 74 after all--but it is still very disturbing. I think that is a bit more rational than I would like to be.

Another interesting part of the story is that two other guys that were arrested for plotting to kill Westergaard a couple of years ago but not prosecuted. In the end one was deported but the other just let free. You apparently have to work at it to get deported from Denmark. The attacker in this case is an asylum seeker. No wait, he actually has asylum. At the same time the Danish government had him under surveillance for other terrorist activities (i.e., not related to attacking Westergaard). We give him protection from political persecution at the same time we have him under surveillance for political terrorism?

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