Saturday, April 30, 2011

WHCA Dinner

I have just watched the press club dinner on fox and though I only saw Seth Meyer's speech the thing that really stood out was Donald Trump. Meyer's did about 5 jokes in a row on Trump. The one I remember was "Trump often appears on Fox, which is ironic since a fox often appears on Trump's head." Through the whole thing Trump sat absolutely stone-faced. Not what you are expected to do. Worse, not what a real man should do. It is certainly not what Ronald Reagan would have done. When did being a conservative mean being a punk?

One joke that I did not understand is the joke about him "having a good relationship with blacks, if the blacks are a family of white people." What is that about? Is there some reason to think that Trump is a racist? All of the other jokes depended on recognized and commonly understood facts about the world. The Trump as racist meme is one that depends on a supposition that is only accepted by liberals, namely, that the only reason one could suspicious of Obama is that one is a racist. I think that the casual assumption by elites that an interest in Obama's birth certificate is prima facia evidence of racism is a 'racism-card' too far.

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