Sunday, May 15, 2011

Huckaboob not running

I am happy that Huckabee is not running. I just never liked him and always thought he was a phony. My early impression was formed in the last election cycle when he wrote what I thought was a cynical and foolish article published in Foreign Affairs arguing that we should take a more humble, apologetic approach toward dealing with Iran. Event quickly forced him to back away and I suppose that we should not be terribly surprised or upset when American governors running for president find that their ideas on foreign policy modified during political campaigns, but Huckabee struck me as an especially egregious example of a huckster. His rhetorical approach of casting himself as just a simple man, I don't understand all these fancy words these Washington type people, but I do know.... and then spout off some entirely anodyne populist proposal. I couldn't stand the guy. Where is H. L. Mencken when you need him?

You could hear some of his pompos piety in his statement that he would not run. “I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and that relationship is far more important to me than any political office," began a sentence explaining his decision not to run. Good grief. He is doing this because of his relationship with the lord, well, well. Are the other candidates not quite right with the man upstairs? Is that why they are running? As a Christian, I find his use of religion for the most pedestrian of political purposes offensive and ill-considered. His departure is a healthy development.

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I am suddenly happy about the Republican field with the departure of a bad candidate who would have had a good chance to win the nomination and the probable entry of a very good candidate with a good chance of winning--Mitch Daniels.

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