Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Pot Insinuating the Kettle is Black

Ted Cruz Runs Counter to the Senate’s Courtly Ways - the main charge against the Senator? That he has pursued Hagel's financial records going back five years instead of the required two and suggesting that if the nominee is unwilling to provide those records then it is because the nominee has something to hide. The Senator has, in particular, challenged the nominee to explain the origin of a 200,000 dollar payment into his bank account a few years ago and suggested that it may have come from Saudi Arabia or even North Korea. That is quite a charge, but it is one that is easy to rebut, just produce the records.

More to the point, wasn't it just a few months ago that some of the same people that are complaining of McCarthyism now were demanding 10 years of Romney's tax returns instead of two and suggesting that he had committed felony tax evasion? Why is asking for five years McCarthyism but demanding 10 OK?

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