Friday, June 14, 2013

Spy on your friends, ignore your enemies

Obama Restricts Spying In Mosques While Spying Everywhere Else - It is one thing to gather the phone records of all Americans. That is a neutral procedure that does not target anyone because of their religion or other characteristic that might be deemed invidious. But you can't look at Mosques. That would suggest that there might be a relationship Islam and the people that are committing murder in the name of Islam.

You have to admire the way that Obama calmly explains and defends his NSA's policy. In the face of withering criticism from his own friends he stands firm and unwavering. I only wish he could have been so firm when Islamic groups came to complain and succeeded in shutting down the FBI's surveillance of Mosques. I suppose there are a few people in Boston who might wish the same thing. 

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