Friday, July 12, 2013

Hitler shows the way

Egypt Calls for New Look at Morsi Prison Escape in 2011 - "While tensions between the Christian minority and extremist elements in the Muslim majority are not new, attacks have been reported across the country — in the northern Sinai Peninsula, in a resort town on the Mediterranean Coast, in Port Said along the Suez Canal and in isolated villages in upper Egypt.

A priest has been shot dead in the street, Islamists have painted black X’s on Christian shops to mark them for arson and mobs have attacked churches and besieged Christians in their homes. Four Christians were reported killed with knives and machetes in one village last week."

The tactic of marking shops owned by the targeted group is one that was pioneered by the Nazis in pre-war Germany. Just one more reason for believing that the term 'Islamo-fascism' has never gained the wide currency it merits.

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