Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Thank God for our Do Nothing Congress

Decisions, decisions! 
California 2014 Laws Affect Transgenders, Smokers, Drunk Drivers: Drudge headline proclaims the new right of transgendered kindergarteners to choose the bathroom they feel most closely matches their identity (tendentiousness in the pursuit of humor is no vice!).

Kind of makes you grateful that our national legislature is so 'unproductive' (productivity in the pursuit of inanity is no virtue!).
Note that for all the laughter and derision that conservatives (like me) will be heaping upon these laws you will not hear any of them propose that the California does not have the right to make these laws. You will not hear them agitate for the Federal government to overturn their laws or bring suits before the Federal judiciary to strike them down. Conservatives may not agree with your laws but they will defend to the death (or at least to the level of minor inconvenience) your right to make them. Federalism is neither conservative or liberal and is one of the truest and most robust guarantees of diversity. Conservative means to Liberal Goals. 

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