Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nigel vs the Lunatic Mainstream :: SteynOnline

From Mark Steyn: 

Nigel vs the Lunatic Mainstream :: SteynOnline: "Occasionally, the realities of electoral politics oblige the village's denizens to dissemble to the barbarians beyond, as in David Cameron's current pledge of a referendum on EU membership sometime after his reelection, which is intended to staunch defections to UKIP by seizing the nuanced ground of pretending that he's not entirely opposed to adopting the position of conceding the prospect of admitting the possibility of potentially considering the theoretical option of exploring the hypothetical scenario of discussing in a roundabout way Britain's leaving the EU. He doesn't mean it, of course, but he has to toss a bone out there from time to time. Lord Feldman, the Tories' co-chairman and Cameron's tennis partner, rather gave the game away when he was overheard dismissing the massed ranks of his party as "mad, swivel-eyed loons." Weary of being insulted by Cameron and his Oxford chums, Conservative voters began phoning the local UKIP office for membership applications. In nothing flat, "swivel-eyed loons" became a badge of honor, and the prime minister was giving speeches to the effect that, underneath the insincere unprincipled elitist veneer, he was a swivel-eyed loon himself.

I like the 'swivel-eyed loons' bit. It seems to me to be a fine tradition in the politics of the English speaking world to take insults as a badge of honor. Indeed, the names of the two great parties in Great Britain are insults adopted as standards by their objects. This seems to me to be a much healthier kind of politics than the endless whining about being owed an apology that constitutes contemporary political discourse.

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