Friday, October 03, 2014

How David Cameron Became a Reform Conservative | National Review Online

How David Cameron Became a Reform Conservative | National Review Online: "and he insisted that “our young people must know this is a country where if you put in, you will get out.”": As opposed to Clinton's America, where young women--such as Monica Lewinsky--know if they put out, they will get in.

It is remarkable how sex scandals are played up by the press if they involve a Republican, passed over unremarked if they involve a Democrat. I have heard from members of the press the explanation that in the case of Democrats it is merely a relatively uninteresting case of an individual human failing whereas in the case of a Republican, the party that proclaims itself the protector of traditional moral values, such stories are matters of public concern since they involve a conflict between the professed values of the party and the private conduct of their parties elected officials. But surely the involvement of Democrats in sex scandals involves a conflict as least as great and of as much concern to the public: the professed party of using government to protect the rights of women using the power of their public office and position in government to exploit women?

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