Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Tad Creepy

So the Obamas have their fellow hamburger restaurant patron's cell phones confiscated while they are eating a burger so that there will be no photos of the first family eating junk food. I just find about 8 layers of creepiness in that. The most open administration in history refuses to be seen eating a burger. They don't want to be associated with something like eating a burger. they are so "wee-weed up" about health that they can't stand the idea of people knowing that they eat burgers. They think the image of what they eat matters to anyone. They think they can confiscate the cell phones of private citizens. They use their armed guards to intimidate people into giving up their rights. They have a policy on what they want people to be eating. And that does not include burgers. But the fact that they do not what us to eat burgers does not stop them from eating burgers. They have this weird quasi-fascist worship of health and fitness. It is just creepy!

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