Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who works for whom?

Barney Frank comes off as somewhat obnoxious but also as very smart in this quasi-town hall meeting. Toward the end the moderator tells people that they are there to ask questions, not make statements. And whenever Frank is booed he rebukes the audience telling them that booing is not an argument. (apparently, though, the rule only applies to anti-Obama care speakers)

What is wrong with this is that they, the political class, work for us. I have heard from several quarters people complaining about the people that have not come to the town meeting to listen. I thought that the representatives were there to listen, no? Who represents who? And what is wrong with booing your representative? They are supposed to get booed when their constituents don't like the job they are doing. There has been this odd movement from the political class to lecture the public on how they are supposed to behave in the mandarins' presence.

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