Monday, December 17, 2012

A Teachable Moment on the Nature of the UN

Crovitz reports in the WSJ on the victory of internet censorship in the UN. National governments have now won UN sanction, by a strong majority vote, to control the internet and censor it within their own countries. Of course, they had that authority already, but now it will be made easier with the technical support and moral sanction of the UN. A coalition of Authoritarian states led by Russia and China with unanimous backing of the Arabs and other dictatorships easily defeated the free nations of the world.

This calls to mind an argument that I have had many times over the years with my liberal friends who see the UN as a force for human freedom and progress that represents the conscience of mankind. It does not. It represents the governments of mankind and a solid majority of those governments see freedom as a threat, not a goal. The UN is a danger to freedom, not a support. Perhaps this intrusion by the dictator-dominated international bureaucracy into something that young people really understand and value, the free internet, will open the eyes of some.

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