Saturday, December 29, 2012

Britain's approach to self defense

File under the decline of civilization:

It Was the Kitchen Knife in the Parlor with Professor Plum… or was it Professor Plum in the Parlor with the Kitchen Knife? | The Gun Tutor: "“The BBC offers this advice for anyone in Britain who is attacked on the street: You are permitted to protect yourself with a briefcase, a handbag, or keys. You should shout ‘Call the Police’ rather than ‘Help.’ Bystanders are not to help. They have been taught to leave such matters to the professionals. If you manage to knock your attacker down, you must not hit him again or you risk being charged with assault.” (3)"

The citizen as bunny. Don't defend yourself; don't come to someone else's defense. Meekly wait for the adults, for the state, to come to your rescue. Are these the same people that fought the Nazi Empire alone for more than a year and a half?

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