Saturday, September 28, 2013

False charges of a crime more harmful than the crime

Racism, Inc. | RealClearPolitics: "the noxious activities of Racism, Inc.—from the shake-down tactics of the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world to the academic sport of manufacturing racist incidents on campus—reminds us of a profound observation made by the philosopher Sidney Hook. “As morally offensive as is the expression of racism wherever it is found,” Hook wrote,

a false charge of racism is equally offensive, perhaps even more so, because the consequences of a false charge of racism enable an authentic racist to conceal his racism by exploiting the loose way the term is used to cover up his actions. The same is true of a false charge of sexism or anti-Semitism. This is the lesson we should all have learned from the days of Senator Joseph McCarthy. Because of his false and irresponsible charges of communism against liberals, socialists, and others among his critics, many communists and agents of communist influence sought to pass themselves off as Jeffersonian democrats or merely idealistic tenured radicals reformers."

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