Friday, September 06, 2013

You go to the world with the President you have

The Right Vote | The Weekly Standard: "The fact is that Obama is the only president we have. We can’t abdicate our position in the world for the next three years. So Republicans will have to resist the temptation to weaken him when the cost is weakening the country."

As bad as Obama's foreign policy has been, the cost of not making good his threats to our credibility is too high--even if he doesn't believe that he made them in the first place.

Churchill always advocated making one consideration, one goal, primary, and subordinating all other objects to it. In my mind, there is one foreign policy objective that towers above others in our times: preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. If the president is seen to be unable to back up his threats on this occasion it will be much more difficult if not impossible for his word to be effective in thwarting Iran's designs. I agree with those who argue that Obama has gotten himself in this mess, but we are in it with him, like it or not. We must support him.

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