Monday, May 04, 2009

Disappointed Germans

It seems the Germans are disappointed at the Obama administration's decision to try some of the prisoners at Gitmo in military courts.  The curious thing is that some of the commentators talk as if they understand these characters are guilty but don't care: the important thing is to have a trial in a civilian court even if that is sure to let the guilty go free.  We must go through the "purification process" regardless.  Let justice be dammed as long as there is a civilian court trial.

It is also interesting to see the honeymoon ending with the Europeans, who seemed to have noticed that on the war on terror many of the differences between the Obama administration and its predecessor are only sound-bite deep.  Will the same dissolution someday spread to our press corps?  Or will they be a little less ready to piont out these discrepancies betwen Obama's rhetoric and actions since they had some hand in hiding them?  After actively painting the Bush administration as some sort of mad cabal for thier conduct of the war on terror they may not be able to so easily admit that much of what they denounced as monstrous is actually necessary.

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