Monday, May 18, 2009

Ignore your friends; suck up to your enemies

Tunku Varadarajan wonders why Obama has neglected India, particularly in light of his otherwise "deft" handling of foreign policy. It is simple, ignoring our friends and kissing up to our enemies is Obama's policy. 
Mr. Varadarajan happens to like the second half of the equation and doesn't realize its connection to the first: our enemies are bad, they have merely been mistreated.  Our "friends" are the countries that have stood by us in confrontations--that makes them in Obama's eyes accomplicies in our misdeeds. Dissing them and showing them that we are not going to reward thier enabling behavior is merely a part of the larger policy of appeasing our enemies.   As Neville Chamberlain discovered, appeasing your enemies at some point requires you to sell out not only your own interests but those of your friends as well.

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