Saturday, May 16, 2009

I blame bush

This is going to be the challenge for conservatives: to avoid the blame for the consequences of Obama's policies.  I doubt that it will be as bad as the Yuan becoming the world's reserve currency, but a bad round of stagflation is surely in the works.  We have to be ready with our answer because the other side is surely going to have the media mouthing its party line--that it was all made necessary by the Bush financial crisis--as incontrovertible fact.  Obama did have to stimulate the economy to deal with a once in a century liquidity crisis, but he did not have to put that spending in the form of unsustainable and "unpaidfor" (I think this should be a new word going forward into the Obama era) set of social programs that attempt to transform us into Sweden in a sort of political bait and switch play. 

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