Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicago Style

Obama appears to have fired Inspector General of the Americorps for investigating a politically connected friend. If this is true it is really shocking.  It is far beyond what I would expect from Obama.  I don't mean the corruption, but the ham-handedness of the corruption.

An update from Byron York.  It makes me proud to be an American.  Notice that the hero of the story is not the lawyer but the bureaucrat. Note also the deafening silence of the MSM.

Update:  The WSJ Opinion page has a piece detailing the legal issues involved. What is odd is that the paper concludes that this may seem like "small beer."  This seems like rather straightforward corruption.  800k that is supposed to go to educating kids goes to washing a FOM (Friend of Michelle's) car and the only result is that more money is put in the pipeline and the guy who objects, the guy who is doing his job, gets fired?  How is that a small thing?

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