Monday, June 15, 2009

Truly Risable article by tina Brown

Really vile and snide take on the Palin-Letterman controversy by Tina Brown

Exhibit A:

"Does anyone believe that Palin really, truly thought Letterman’s sexual joke was about her 14-year-old daughter, Willow, not her 18-year-old, Bristol—who, after all, actually did get knocked up? My reading is she didn't believe it, but she was happy to have you believe it. Happy to have people—too many of them, unfortunately, who only pay attention with one ear—be her target audience."

Well, she went to the baseball game with her 14 year old daughter and the same evening there is a joke about her daughter having sex with a baseball player during the game. What is she supposed to think?  What would her daughter think? 

Oh yeah, she should know because Letterman is a gentleman and would never make a joke like that?  But are we to give him that benefit of a doubt?  We can take his words for their plain meaning, and their plain meaning was the daughter that was at the event he was referring to.  

And it is ok if in Mr. Letterman's head was the older daughter? Like she is now fair game because she did, after all, get "knocked up?"  Note how this has become the liberals' new favorite expression since it could be used against the family member of a conservative.  If you said that about an inner city youth on welfare you would be denounced as racist but aim it at a family member of a conservative politician and they find fifteen ways to work it into every five sentences.   Class.

Then this:

"The governor of Alaska doesn’t object to every wisecrack that relies for its punchline on a mental picture of a Palin daughter having sexual intercourse with an older man, even when the daughter is the one who’s still a minor. Here’s the statement Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton issued after Dave invited the governor and her husband to come on the air with him: “The Palins have no intention of providing a ratings boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show. Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.”"

For Mrs. Brown's information, the joke does not rely on a mental picture of an older man having intercourse, it relies on an older man being crude and ill-mannered and unfit to be around young women--a rather obvious point in Mr. Letterman's case.

She finally adds: "Letterman’s joke may not have been his finest hour, but at least he swiftly apologized."  Mr. Letterman said he apologised if anything he said offended her, as if being offended by a crude joke at her daughter's expense (either of them) is something that would not necessarily be offensive in itself and then had the nerve to inviter her on his show.  That isn't an apology, it is an insult.

Strangest of all is the three or four paragraphs of fawning about Secretary Clinton's pants suits and briefing papers which is somehow meant to draw a telling contrast with Governor Palin.  The contrast between Clinton's "cheerfullness" is somehow supposed to show in a bad light Palin's "resentment."  This is quite bizzare.  We shoudl be impressed at Clinton for having gotten over not winning the Presidency (and getting the consolation prize of Secretary of State) in just a little over a year.  Wow!  This is the same Clinton who got herself back in the race by shedding tears at the great tragedy and loss the failure of her candidacy represented for the country.  The same Hilary who played the victim card (at the hands of the vast right wing conspiracy and later at the hands of her own phillandering husband) into the Senate?  This woman has made a career of feeling sorry for herself.  It has defined her public presentation of herself since the days of the "wodda coudda shodda" pink sweater news conference defense of charges that she made 100k trading pork bellies executing trades from a hospital bed. 

And Sarah Palin not cheerful?  I can't stand how cheerful she is!  I thought that was what made her so embarrassing to all of our elites, her relentless cheerfulness?  Sarah Palin told to be more perky and act more like St. Hillary, patron saint of the vast whinning conspiracy?  

Ann Althouse has a good take on Andrew Sullivan's screed on the same subject.

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