Friday, June 19, 2009

The worst thing he has done to Mississippi

The worst thing Obama has done to Mississippi is what he has done for Michigan: subsidize the UAW's cars over those made by Americans in Mississippi.  You see, the workers in Mississippi aren't sufficiently class conscious and do not have the sense to vote for their true class champions in the Democratic party.  This is going to start to grate on people.  Of course, it is obviously a disaster if, after spending all these billions ($60 billion?  Are we counting anymore?), the companies go down anyway.  But even more galling is if they survive and start taking back market share based on cost. 

This is starting to dawn on people (see Megan McArdle's excellent post).  Give Mississippi 60 billion and we could sell some cars too.  Oh wait, that would be unfair.  People are willing to buy ours without being bribed.

If there could be one good thing to finally come out of this mess it could be the realization that a car company doesn't have a nationality, and still less a share of stock. Only workers do.  We haven't helped American workers, we have helped Michigan workers--at the expense of those in Mississippi.

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