Thursday, November 01, 2012

Economist Endorses Obama

I find it so strange when economists and people trained in economics endorse Obama. Here is the Economist's Leader doing the deed.

The article is very strange. It lays out the case against Obama admirably and then endorses him saying at least he staved off catastrophe.

The case against Romney is that he has tacked to the right in the primaries. He was a good, centrist, compromise seeking governor of Massachusetts but he has since taken no new tax pledges and must be considered likely to continue appeasing right-wingers in his party, the "head-bangers" as the Economist calls them. He is also guilty of appeasing the right wing on social causes and is pledged to nominate judges that would overturn Roe v. Wade. He is against new taxes, vague on what loopholes he would eliminate in order to lower the rates, will keep defense spending at 4% instead of letting it drift down to 3% of GDP and will generally give in to the parties increasingly "Southern Fried" style of social policy allowing more decisions to flow back to the states. The paper says that it longs for an open, tolerant Ronald Reagan like conservative.

And that is what is so bizarre. For the litany the Economist rolls out is a very good description of a Ronald Reagan conservative.

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