Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Government helps the insiders

Government's efforts to help the little guy always end up helping the insiders.

They try to help the little guy with deposite insurance and shoring up the banking system and who profits? The bank executives.

They try to help students get higher education and who makes out? The universities and colleges.

They try to help out the poor and the elderly with Medicare and Medicaid and who makes out? The health care industry.

They try to help people buy homes and who makes out? The people that already had homes.

Young people voting for the Democratic party should look at the GM bailout to get an idea of what the future holds for them. The deal rescuing the un-payable pensions of the current work force were restored by public money, but the younger workers that have since been hired don't get those benefits. The people already working there are insiders. The ones that have not been hired yet are outsiders. Think about it, generation sucker.

Government goes into these markets driving up demand and instead of increasing consumption of the good merely drives up the price. And once the price is driven up government help becomes all the more essential. It becomes terrifying to think of trying to buy these goods without government help. Government's failure perpetuates its failure.

Government: the cause of the disease it claims to cure.

The doctor that gives you the sickness you pay him to treat you for.

Government, by 'helping' the little guy, only grinds him down more.

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