Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Not those Polls

Had a great experience talking to the students as a Polish University (the other 'Poles', you might say) where a former Millsaps student, Joseph Muller, is teaching English on a Fulbright Scholarship. They were the English Philology students at the University of Silesia at Katowice.

One interesting thing a student said in relation to the election was that though he, the student, was personally a Democrat, he was very impressed with Romney and pleasantly surprised by the good impression. He also noted that his visit was largely regarded by the Poles as a success.

It is a good indication of the influence press. We see that people get a very skewed view of events due to the influence of the liberal bias of the press.

I don't know what they thought of my answers but damn, they could sure speak English.

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