Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Government is for the Insiders

Ben Chavis's Last Stand by Ben Boychuk, City Journal Summer 2013: The party of government moves to destroy a successful competitor through trumped up charges. When will people learn? Human beings don't change their nature because they get a paycheck from the government, they merely acquire a new way to destroy their competitors. Private businesses have no choice to but compete on the basis of creating a good or service that more people are willing to pay for than those of their competitors. Government simply uses the power of the state to destroy their competitors. Offer a better product at a lower price in the private marker and your competitors try to emulate you. Offer a better product at a lower price in a state controlled market and your competitor (note the singular noun) marks you for destruction. The more you out compete the government the greater the incentive for the state to destroy you.

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