Friday, August 30, 2013

Liberal Hypocrisy

Is It Evil to Send Your Kids to Private School?  - Bloomberg: "This is nominally public schooling, but in fact, as I once remarked, parents who think that they are supporting public schooling by moving to a pricey district with good schools are actually supporting private schooling. They’re just confused because the tuition payment comes bundled with hardwood floors and granite countertops."

If you send your children to private schools you are obligated to advocate vouchers.

That is the essence of the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives want the same things for the poor that they want for themselves, including the right to choose what schools they send their children to and safe streets. The  liberal wants one thing for the objects of his supposed beneficence--the poor--and another for himself. He wants the poor to be in state run schools while he himself can send his to private schools--though to protect his moral vanity he prefers the fees 'bundled' with the price of local real estate, just as he wants the civil liberties and rights of criminals protected as they prey upon the residents of poor neighborhoods while he, himself, dwells in a safely gated community or security building.

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