Thursday, August 15, 2013

...Shall take care that the laws be enforced

Kimberley Strassel: Behind an Ethanol Special Favor - "Republican Sen. David Vitter's office acknowledged on Tuesday that he had joined other Louisiana politicians in sending a letter to President Obama supporting the Krotz Springs exemption. Sen. Vitter's co-signers were Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu, and Republican Reps. Charles Boustany and Rodney Alexander. Mr. Vitter's spokesman said the office had not been approached by other refineries for support, and noted that the senator has been pushing to waive the 2014 ethanol mandate for every refinery."

At least when it comes to doing special favors for their influential constituents the Republicans are no better than Democrats. The electoral and financial incentives to help you friends in politics is too strong and acts upon all politicians regardless of party. That is why the solution is not to elect Republicans to but to reduce the size, scope and discretion of government. Meat axe, please.

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