Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beyond Caricature

Beyond Caricature: the three Navy Seals being court marshaled because the master mind of the Fallujah massacre, Ahmed Hashim Abed, accuses them of giving him a fat lip in the process of capturing him. A fat lip. We who sleep soundly because of the rough men that stand ready to do violence on our behalf are rather demanding of our protectors. Go out and capture murderers, go out alone against men who think nothing of hiding behind children while shooting at you, would gleefully flay you alive for sport in front of jeering crowds, and don't you dare be rough with them. A fat lip? Why, what do they think? That there is a war on or something? Lets just hope they read him his Miranda rights. Oh wait, that isn't a joke anymore, is it? Like I said, beyond caricature.

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