Monday, December 28, 2009

Refining the system

From the Gibber:

"We're going to go through the capabilities for detecting and we're going to go through the watchlisting procedures again, some of which are older, and evaluate whether or not they are up to date for the types of threats and security concerns that we have."

you see, folks, the old system under those war mongering Bushs, said that when you have the father of some kid come to the embassy and say that he is worried that his son is mixed up with terrorists and may have something bad in mind for his up coming trip to your country that you just ignore it. Under Bush, the rule was to brush them aside and say, this has nothing to do with Iraq, get out of here. But now, under Obama, we are going to actually listen to these people.

This is obviously nonsense. The system ignored the warnings out of a too delicate concern for not appearing to violate anyone's rights. The attempt to brush this off as normal updating of procedures is nonsense. It is a basic flaw in the system that they are making worse.


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