Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hoof in mouth disease

Immortal words from the Obamasiah: "...we are on the precipice of achievement that’s eluded Congresses.."

This is what happens to TV presidents when they elude their teleprompters.

I will skip the "If a Republican had said that..." self-pity. Roger Simon makes the point well enough in his post. What we need is a slogan. The mass media will never register these gaffs when they come from Democrats because they will always be written off as the verbal mix ups that people always run into when they speak extemporaneously, as opposed to the verbal gaffs of Republicans, that reveal a general lack of intelligence or, pause for dramatic effect, racism! We have to simply fight back by having a stock of Demo-gaffs for ready retort in any casual conversation we find ourselves in. The Donkey must never be allowed to forget. What we need is a slogan. I propose "hoof-in-mouth-disease."

Barack--I feel my leg starting to tingle--Obama has found his Achilles heel, in his mouth.

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