Saturday, December 05, 2009

MLK Day--He's OK

So I am talking to one of the people involved in MLK day planning at Millsaps. It is going to be a big deal because the governor is coming to make an "I'm ok, I really like black people," speech. My source said that choosing colors for the event was a real challenge. It turns out that a lot of colors are ruled out. Purple and Blue were ruled out because they are the colors of Millsaps and Tougalou. Green, yellow and red were ruled out because they are the colors of the Pan African league and we didn't want to suggest that MLK was only for Africans. In the end, the only color that could make it past the various political screens was black. Nothing suggestive there.

Tragically, I could have been in the show. They wanted me to play guitar but I was too hung over to make a 2:00 rehearsal.

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