Saturday, November 23, 2013

A program built on lies

Remember the story Obama always telling about his Mother being cut off by her insurance company when she was diagnosed with breast cancer? It was a lie.
Remembering Stanley Ann Dunham Obama | RealClearPolitics: "There would be, if it had been true. But when New York Times reporter Janny Scott researched the issue for her biography of the president's mother, she discovered letters proving beyond doubt that Cigna never denied Stanley Ann Dunham coverage for her disease. The dispute was over a disability plan that would have paid some of her other expenses.
The White House did not deny Scott's account, but shrugged it off as something that had happened long ago. Not so long that it couldn't be milked one last time though, for a 2012 campaign film. In "The Road We've Traveled," the message remained unchanged -- a greedy insurance company had cut off Obama's mother at her moment of maximum vulnerability, and it cost Dunham her life."
Read the whole thing, as she goes on to chronicle the other lies that were told to get Obamacare passed.

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