Sunday, November 10, 2013

Two Victims of Obama's lies

Think about this:
The Crisis Arrives | The Weekly Standard: "In 2012, Obama supporters made hay with claims that Mitt Romney had caused an ex-employee’s wife to die of cancer by terminating her husband’s employment and coverage. 
Now Obama has caused about 9 million people to lose their healthcare coverage. And it is not a story--she had health insurance through her own employer which she lost three years after the plant had closed. They did not buy another insurance policy as a couple because they thought it was too expensive. In any case, is it Mitt Romney's fault that the US steel industry was devastated by foreign competition in the 90s? The people that Obama has caused to lose their insurance lost it because Obama wanted them to lose it. And it is likely that a substantial proportion of them will choose to forgo insurance because it is too expensive. And Obama was only able to make this happen, to get his bill through Congress, by lying to the very people that are now losing their coverage by telling them that they would not lose their coverage. Period.

In fairness, the press did report on the untruthfulness of the Obama ad against Romney and they did, finally, go after the President on his lies on Obama care. Still, it seems to Romney suffered more from Obama's lies than so far has Obama.

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