Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Death Spiral? Recent developments on Obama Care

The big question facing the new health care law is whether enough young and healthy people are going to sign up. The two best policy bloggers (in my opinion) have recently taken on the issue.

Pro-Obamacare: Ezra Kline of the Washington Post, whose wonkbook blog is the first place to go for center-left policy analysis on almost any issue. Here he answers the charge that Obamacare is in a death spiral (though in this blog post from today he is a bit more pessimistic).

Anti-Obamacare: Megan McArdle's Asymmetrical Information blog, now at Bloomberg. In addition to Healthcare she is better at explaining economic theory as it applies to important policy questions than anyone else I read.

Some other things worth reading:

Sarah Kliff argues that the real crunch time for the ACA is months away and that the problems faced in these early months are not going to matter much in the long run.

Matthew Yglesia, one of the smartest policy analysts on the left, argues that the Republican alternative to Obama Care would make people lose their insurance as well.

This take-down of a Sean Hannity story on people that have supposedly lost their insurance through Obamacare. With Friends like these, conservatives don't need enemies.

Here is Avik Roy's analysis of the ACA's effect on insurance premiums for individual. He makes the case that the law transfers wealth from young and healthy people to, well, people like me. Thanks, kids.

Here is an article about a study of cosmetic surgery which, since it is not covered by insurance, is exposed to market forces and consequently has not only gone up in price more slowly than other types of medical care that are covered by insurance, has actually been getting cheaper in real terms.

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