Friday, December 13, 2013

In the War on Boys, Common Sense is Collateral Damage

Dr. Hellen Smith remarks on the case of a six year old boy accused of sexual harassment:

Tell Hunter Yelton It’s a Man’s World | National Review Online: "The Yelton case should serve as a warning to parents and those who care about boys to fight for their sons’ freedom and rights in the same way that they would fight for their daughters, maybe even more so in today’s society where anyone’s son can become the next Hunter, or worse, one of the falsely accused as in the Duke rape case. Men deserve justice as much as women in our PC culture. It is only by bringing to light the cases like Hunter’s that we as a society will start down a path to change. We must accept that it is no longer a man’s world — and maybe it never was — and that little boys like Hunter are the ones most likely to suffer when society allows PC dogma, rather than reason, to dominate our political and educational systems."
One more reason to demand school choice.

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