Thursday, December 05, 2013

Manchurian Incompetent

Iranian Deal’s Revealing First Week « Commentary Magazine: The deal with Iran has already started to unravel, or at least, if you thought that the goal was to keep Iran from getting a bomb. If you thought that the goal was to prevent Israel from stopping Iran and getting on the good side of Hezbollah and the radical Islamists then it is pretty good.

Indeed, if you were a foreign power that had installed Obama as your agent you could hardly have asked for more from the man.

Al Qaeda spread throughout the Middle-East? Check!

American's allies put on notice that we will not stand behind them when things get rough? Check!

America less popular than we were during the Bush presidency? Check!

Russia back in the Middle-East after being elbowed out by Nixon and Kissinger 40 years ago? Check!

American economy hobbled with employment as a percentage of the working age population back to 1970s levels? Check!

Spying on Allies and worse, getting caught? Check!

The legacy of the Obama administration foreign policy will be a resurgent Islamist movement, a nuclear armed terrorist state and a Russia resurgent. It is a pity that he is not working for our foreign enemies. He would certainly be able to argue that he had earned his pay.

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