Friday, December 27, 2013

Why the Common Law Matters

This why the common law matters. The young man has a consensual encounter with a woman followed by friendly email exchanges and then, a year later, is brought before a kangaroo court where the normal procedures that protect the accused are waived to protect the 'victim.'
Guilty Until Proven Innocent - "Last February, one year after the encounter, the other shoe dropped: Yu was informed that Walker had filed charges of "nonconsensual sexual contact" against him through the college disciplinary system. Two and a half weeks later, a hearing was held before a panel of three faculty members. Yu was not allowed an attorney; his request to call his roommate and Walker's roommate as witnesses was denied after the campus "gender equity compliance investigator" said that the roommates had emailed him but had "nothing useful" to offer. While the records from the hearing are sealed, Yu claims his attempts to cross-examine his accuser were repeatedly stymied. Many of his questions (including ones about Walker's friendly messages, which she had earlier told the investigator she sent out of "fear") were barred as "irrelevant"; he says that when he was allowed to question Walker, she would start crying and give evasive or nonresponsive answers. Yu was found guilty and summarily expelled from Vassar."
You see women, women are weak and cannot be expected to have to face the people they accuse. On the other hand, they are just fine in combat. Seriously, how does this make sense?

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