Thursday, December 19, 2013

Silence! You have hurt my feelings!

Bryan Preston has some interesting things to say on the Duck Dynasty controversy.

The PJ Tatler » 4 Reasons Why the Duck Dynasty Brouhaha Matters:

Here is what strikes me: You never hear about conservatives trying to silence the other side. When did the normal reaction to something you disagree with become to demand that the person holding that opinion be banished from the public square?

I suppose this may just be a function of the relative strength of social liberalism. If social conservatives were as strong now as social liberals are now perhaps they would be making the same sorts of demands. Still, I think it is something specific to liberalism that it views the fact that one's feelings are hurt by the fact that someone disapproves of you as reasonable grounds for demanding that the person who hurts your feelings go away or be silenced.

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