Wednesday, October 02, 2013

God help me - someone has to say it.

Martin Bashir: How Long Until Obama Is Accused Of Being An "Angry Black Man?" | RealClearPolitics: "MARTIN BASHIR: McKay, how long will it be before the president is accused of being an angry black man, because he said he is exasperated?

Ok, Martin Bashir is angry because the Republicans are going to call President Obama an angry black man. And, and I think I am on solid ground here, Martin Bashir is black. I mean, leave aside the fact that he is angry about something the Republicans haven't done but that he thinks they are going to do because, well, he just knows that that is the kind of thing that they do and it makes him angry they are not doing it just to hide the fact that they are the kind of people that would do which is exactly what you would do if you were that kind of person and so the fact that they are not doing it is in fact proof that they are going to do it, or something. I mean, leaving that all aside, if you were going to complain about stereotyping black men as being 'the angry black man,' wouldn't the first thing you would do is to kind of go out of your way to like not look like an angry black man? I mean, if I were going to try to tell people that fat people should not be stereotyped as lazy gluttons who sit around stuffing themselves I would try to be lying in a lounge chair eating donuts while I was doing it. Isn't that just basic? Am I asking too much? I mean, he can go back to being an angry black man after he finishes lecturing people about stereotyping African Americans males as angry black men. Is it too much to ask? It is not fair. How am I supposed to make a living parodying people if they insist on parodying themselves?

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