Saturday, October 05, 2013

How a People Loses It's Freedom

This story form  PJ media, Navigating the Obamacare Marketplace Labyrinth,
details the process of trying to sign up for Obamacare. Like most people she was unsuccessful, but she does hit on some interesting details.

The revelation I found most disturbing in story was that you could not browse the prices and features of the various health plans until AFTER you had given them all of the personal information that anyone would need to access all of your finances including your SS number AND the system had accessed your credit report. Only then would the system allow you to (theoretically, since the system crashed on the reporter the same as it has done for practically everyone else) find out what the plans were. So, of course, if you decide not to enroll in a plan they have all the information they would need to prosecute you for not enrolling.

It is shocking and disturbing how easily people are molded from being independent citizens into obedient subjects. It is within living memory that the idea of the government having a unique identifying number for every citizen was controversial. Now we meekly turn over all the information anyone would want to the government without a peep of protest because, of course, the government needs all that information to 'help us.'

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