Thursday, October 10, 2013

It Depends on the Meaning of What "is" is, Obama style

Obama on Obamacare: Press Conference Misleading on Rate Shock | New Republic: "It will only be expensive relative to what these people are paying now—i.e., for less comprehensive, less available coverage. For that reason, among others, it’s possible to argue that coverage under Obamacare will be cheaper than equivalent coverage is today."

Oh? I see. So you pay more but you get more--whether you want it or not. And you will be able to buy insurance whereas you may not have before.

But if you were able to get coverage before and you didn't want to "get more" of the particular things that Obamacare has now decided you need you will be paying more. That is "more" as in "more".

You see, when the Republicans offer you a tax cut they mean that your taxes will be cut, as in "less". They don't mean your taxes will go up but a lot of people like you in some way will have their cut so you should take that into account, or, your taxes will go up but the government will spend more on your welfare so since you are getting more for the higher amount of taxes you will pay "it's possible to argue that" your taxes "will be lower" than the lower level of you pay now. They actually mean "lower taxes."

When the Democrats say "you" they mean people on average in the category they have decided you belong in. When the Republicans say "you" they mean you.

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