Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The end of proxy socialism

Obamacare: More than 2 million people getting booted from existing health insurance plans - CBS News: "That means consumers have to sign on to new plans even if they don't want or need the more generous coverage."

Note to proxy socialists: it is not a more 'generous' plan if you have to pay for it. If you tell me it is illegal to buy the economy car I want to buy and force me, by way of a fine (excuse me, 'tax'), to buy a more expensive car, it would hardly make sense to say the car company is being more 'generous.'

Of course, this has been going on throughout the 20th century as politicians took credit for forcing companies to pay more and buy more 'generous' cars by the simple expedient of making it illegal to pay less or sell less 'generous' cars, but the government always did so in small steps so that the pain was imperceptible, so it worked politically. The Obama administration made the mistake of moving so quickly and abruptly that the scam was apparent.

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