Monday, October 28, 2013

Speaking Truth to Power...and your own

‘Uncomfortable truth’ in Matthew Shepard’s death | New York Post:
Gay himself, Stephen Jimenez challenges the conventional wisdom that Matthew Shepard was killed because he was gay. He argues, after extensive research that one of his murders was the gay lover of Shepard and that Shepard had been in the habit of trading sex for meth. McKinney, one of Shepard's murders and lovers, had been strung out on meth for a week before the killing, making the Shepard's death more about drugs than about homophobia.

Jimenez has been attacked for telling the story by his fellow gays.

In my opinion, stories that preport to illustrate some terrible, deep hatred of the Americans of fly-over country for some favored minority group should be judged untruthful until proven otherwise. The coastal elites are too ready to believe anything that supports their cultural suppositions and justifies their power to inquire too closely into the actual facts.

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