Saturday, November 29, 2014

Abbas’s Nazi-Zionist Conspiracy Theory and the Western Dupes Who Avert Their Eyes « Commentary Magazine

I remember the other day someone answering the argument that the CEO of Mozilla who was fired for having been discovered to have contributed to the campaign against the gay marriage ballot initiative in California with the question "Would you allow a Holocaust denier to serve as a company president?"

I have to admit, it is a good question. I suppose that those who defended the right of the CEO to oppose gay marriage to would have to admit that it is not the proposition that any private view is acceptable in business, only that the line should be drawn a bit more broadly than it current seems to be. I would probably not want a Holocaust denier running my company and the fact that one was running a company probably would make me less inclined to support do business with that company.

Still, if that is the standard, what are we to make of people that want to keep doing business with the PLO and their leader Mahmoud Abbas? The great and good of the world insist not only that Israel do business with him, that the West continue to fund him, but that the Jewish state allow him to have an army parked at their doorstep. It is one thing to give a Holocaust denier your money, it is surely another to give him an army, an air force and a missile launch pad within a few miles of your capital.  

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