Sunday, November 09, 2014

Make them say no

GOP, Show That You Can Govern | National Review Online. Krauthammer shows the way ahead.

It has driven me crazy how the media has portrayed the refusal of the two parties to agree as Republican intransigence. How does that work? The President proposes something and the Republicans vote it down, therefore, the Republicans are the ones that want to do nothing. Leave aside the fact that the Republicans in the House pass hundreds of bills that the Senate never even takes a vote on, these are never reported on, so in the press it is the Republicans that are the party of no.

Now at least the story line can be changed. The Congress can no pass bills that have to go to the President's desk and the he is the one that has to take an overt action, he has to sign it or veto it. He has to say no. At the very least he has to admit that he is the one that would prefer inaction to an action that he disagrees with. Democrats in the House and the Senate will often find themselves having to vote against their president or against their constituents. And, in some cases, there may even be enough votes for an override. Now wouldn't that be fun (though I thin that repudiating Obama might at some point in the future mark the turning point in the Democratic party's fortunes).

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