Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Economist's Take

America's mid-terms: Republicans on a roll | The Economist:
America is a country with two electorates. One, a national electorate which appears once every four years when a president is on the ballot, leans slightly Democratic. The other, made up of those Americans who reliably turn out in mid-term and state elections, is markedly older, whiter and more conservative. 
Of course, President Obama has generously declared his intention to listen to the electorate, whether they voted or not!

There is a line in Kafka about the government being dissatisfied with the people and deciding to create a new one that would fit in nicely here, I think...

The Daily Beast described Obama as conciliatory...

A reporter pressed him to describe in a word the impact of Tuesday night’s results. In 2010, when Democrats lost the House, Obama called it a “shellacking.” This time he decline to offer an adjective, said he would leave it to others to go through the tea leaves of the election.

Well, he is willing to read the minds of people that don't bother to vote but can't figure out what it means when the voters that actually, you know, vote, decide to turn out his party at most every chance. Curiously, last week there was to be no mistake about the fact that it was his 'policies are on the ballot.'  

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